Apple App Store Adtech Targeted by German Antitrust Probe

Pesante colpo dall’Antitrust tedesca ad Apple.

Avete presente quelle belle pubblicità di Apple che… puf! fanno sparire i dati personali messi all’asta per gli iserzionisti pubblicitari ?

Beh, non è così. Ovvero, non fanno raccogliere dati a pubblicitari terzi ma li raccoglie Apple (escludendo la concorrenza). Apple ha un business di pubblicità in forte crescita.

Quando qualcuno “fa qualcosa per voi”, andateci sempre con i piedi di piombo, Specie se lo fanno “gratis”…

Source: Gizmodo

iOS users have kept opting out in record numbers, tech firms have continued to sweat, and Apple’s continued running glossy TV campaigns about its privacy-preserving products. So what’s the issue?QustodioWell, there are a few, according to the Bundeskartellamt’s complaint. For one thing, ATT doesn’t opt iOS owners out of Apple’s own tracking of their behavior across their device. At the same time, Apple’s been introducing its own pay-to-play ad products—like ads gracing the top of your App Store search results—that are micro-targeted with data that’s now unavailable to other advertisers.

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