Something I learned in the parliament

“It’s not enough to be right: you must also have someone to recognize it. “
G. Andreotti

The second part is the most difficult, the part that requires the vast majority of energy, time, understanding, respect, empathy, etc.

A mistake we often make is to believe that the first part is enough: I know how to do it, I know what is right; if things don’t go that way it is because the system is broken and those who don’t agree are jerks, in bad faith or corrupt.

Communicating is first of all listening.

To be open, to understand the reasons of others, to consider different points of view, information, knowledge and experience; to be able to modify one’s own opinions. Not pretending to have The Truth

“Compromise” is a high word, of mutual respect.

It is the basis of democracy.

Beware of wannabe caudillos, who pretend to know best.

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