Fired Worker Says Facebook Used Tool to Read Deleted Messages

Altro che “un diamante e’ pre sempre”… come scrivo in Capitalismo Immateriale, “Una informazione è per sempre”.

Chissà come si muoveranno le autorità europee, adesso.

Voi credete che quando cancellate i messaggi di whatsapp o le mail su gmail, siano davvero cancellate ?

Source: Gizmodo

How “forgotten” are your deleted internet posts anyway?

That question has come under renewed scrutiny this week thanks to a new lawsuit filed by a fired Meta employee who claims the company set up a “protocol” to pull up certain users’ deleted posts and hand them over to law enforcement. If the former employee’s claims ring true, the practice could call into question Meta’s previous communications about how it accesses certain user data. Going even further, the lawsuit alleges the tool may even violate certain U.S. and EU privacy laws.

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2 thoughts on “Fired Worker Says Facebook Used Tool to Read Deleted Messages”

  1. I messaggi di WhatsApp sono cifrati end to end.
    Anche se venissero salvati nell’infrastruttura di Meta, sarebbero comunque illeggibili a meno che qualcuno. non mettesse anche le mani sul telefono di uno dei partecipanti

    1. Stefano Quintarelli

      ne sei certo ?
      o lo hai letto su una fonte di Whatsapp/Meta ? Loro sono estremamente attenti nella comunicazione.

      Pero’ si sa che i moderatori di whatsapp (si, ci sono) possono “andare indietro” nell’esaminare i messaggi di un utente che sia stato flaggato.
      Their jobs differ in other ways. Because WhatsApp’s content is encrypted, artificial intelligence systems can’t automatically scan all chats, images and videos, as they do on Facebook and Instagram. Instead, WhatsApp reviewers gain access to private content when users hit the “report” button on the app, identifying a message as allegedly violating the platform’s terms of service. This forwards five messages — the allegedly offending one along with the four previous ones in the exchange, including any images or videos — to WhatsApp in unscrambled form, according to former WhatsApp engineers and moderators.

      quindi la possibilita’ tecnica esiste..

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