Charging cars at home at night is not the way to go, study finds

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The vast majority of electric vehicle owners charge their cars at home in the evening or overnight.

We’re doing it wrong, according to a new Stanford study.In March, the research team published a paper on a model they created for charging demand that can be applied to an array of populations and other factors. In the new study, published Sept. 22 in Nature Energy, they applied their model to the whole of the western United States and examined the stress the region’s electric grid will come under by 2035 from growing EV ownership.

In a little over a decade, they found, rapid EV growth alone could increase peak electricity demand by up to 25 percent, assuming a continued dominance of residential, nighttime charging.To limit the high costs of all that new capacity for generating and storing electricity, the researchers say, drivers should move to daytime charging at work or public charging stations, which would also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This finding has policy and investment implications for the region and its utilities, especially since California moved in late August to ban sales of gasoline powered cars and light trucks starting in 2035.

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