Twitter’s $5bn-a-year business hit as Elon Musk clashes with advertisers | Financial Times

Musk sgrida i clienti che non gli comprano più pubblicità su twitter a causa della drastica riduzione della moderazione.

Non so se sgridare i clienti sia una buona strategia…

Intanto si vanta pubblicamente di molti milioni di nuovi utenti al giorno. Milioni di persone impazienti di entrare in twitter da quando c’e’ lui, da quando ha tolto moderazione, sostenibilita’, ecc.

Non gli viene il dubbio che siano bot (o comunque che le persone, ed i in particolare i clienti) lo ritengano ? (e quindi si allontanino ancora di più)

Source: FT (paywall)

Multiple top advertising agencies and media buyers told the Financial Times that nearly all of the big brands they represent have paused spending on the social media platform, citing alarm at Musk’s ad hoc approach to policing content and decision to axe many of its ad sales team.

Musk, meanwhile, has sought to personally call chief executives of some brands that have curbed advertising in order to berate them, according to one senior industry figure, leading others to instead reduce their spend to the bare minimum required so as to avoid further confrontation with the billionaire entrepreneur.

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Al riguardo;

Source: The Verge

Twitter search results for major Chinese cities have become filled with tweets about escort services, porn, and gambling that are obscuring legitimate reports about a wave of protests that have gripped the country, Washington Postand TechCrunch are reporting. Searches for “北京” (Beijing) or “上海” (Shanghai) are filled with such spam which, as of this writing, vastly outnumber any tweets about the protests.

One analysis highlighted by Stanford Internet Observatory’s Alex Stamos estimates that over 95 percent of tweets under the Beijing search term are from spam accounts, with over 70 percent of the accounts only having started tweeting in such volumes recently. New spam tweets are appearing every few seconds from accounts that are tweeting thousands of times per day.

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