Fair share or fairy tale ?

I must be surely wrong.

could you please point out my mistakes to me ?

two cases: a 30% and a 100% “fair share” :

I fail to see how this could turn into a bonanza for network investments


I corrected Netflix’s figures as they were in USD not in EUR

These are the KPIs of the telco groups that are asking the EU commission to mandate a “fair share” levy
(source: their balance sheets for last FY. – remember ? we were locked down for months in 2021 due to covid)

supposing these telcos account for 50% of all EU subscribers (yeah, I know, I’m very generous), if they’d obtain 1/3 of netflix profits’ shares of their UE subscribers, that would increase those telcos’ revenues by roughly 0,08%

am I missing something ? are my numbers wrong ? please tell me. I welcome comments.

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1 thought on “Fair share or fairy tale ?”

  1. when I buy my home connectivity, I PAY the telco for access and transit [also] to/from the OTT portals.
    I pay for this bits, so I am the customer.
    And I want to be the customer in the future too, I don’t want to be part of a service the Telco sell to the OTT.

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