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Cos’è che gli economisti chiamano quando un’azienda aumenta i prezzi ma i clienti non se ne vanno ? SSNIP

In questo caso non pare ipotetico…

Senza Amazon Web Services, il cloud cash cow di Amazon, l’anno scorso Amazon avrebbe registrato una perdita operativa di 10 miliardi di dollari…

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Amazon is pocketing more than 50% of sellers’ revenue – up from 40% five years ago. Sellers are paying more because Amazon has increased fulfillment fees and made spending on advertising unavoidable.Amazon’s Total Seller FeesAccording to P&Ls provided by a sample of sellers, a typical Amazon seller pays a 15% transaction fee (Amazon calls it a referral fee), 20-35% in Fulfillment by Amazon fees (including storage and other fees), and up to 15% for advertising and promotions on Amazon. The total fees vary depending on the category, product price, size, weight, and the seller’s business model.The 15% transaction fee has stayed the same for over a decade. It varies by category and can be as low as 8%. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees have steadily increased. Amazon has raised fulfillment fees every year and introduced increases in storage fees. Selling on Amazon is tied to using FBA, so it’s rare for sellers to be successful without using it.

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