Tesla Cofounder Calls Autopilot, FSD Software Risky ‘Crap’

Sia chiaro che Eberhard è “cofounder”, ma Musk non è l’altro founder. Musk era un finanziatore che a un certo punto ha fatto fuori i fondatori.

Source: Business Insider

  • Tesla cofounder Martin Eberhard said he’s “not a big fan” of autonomous cars.
  • He said self-driving cars were not a part of Tesla’s mission when he cofounded the company in 2003.
  • The Tesla cofounder said it’s a “mistake to think of a car as a software platform.”

…Tesla has come under increased scrutiny from regulators over the self-driving software and the company’s marketing of the services. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Autopilot and its potential connection to several accidents.

Eberhard and Musk have disagreed in the past. Eberhard filed a defamation lawsuit against Musk in 2009, after Musk started calling himself a Tesla founder and made negative comments about Eberhard. The lawsuit was settled the same year. Since then, the billionaire has criticized Eberhard online.

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