A US Bill Would Ban Kids Under 13 From Joining Social Media

In un paese anglosassone, dove il documento di identità non è obbligatorio, a molte persone questo provvedimento appare lunare.

L’identità digitale è centrale. E’ sempre più necessaria una infrastruttura di protezione dell’anonimato come quella che proposi. (video)

Source: Wired

A new bipartisan federal proposal introduced in the US Senate today would set a national age limit for using social media, effectively banning anyone 12 and under from using the apps many children currently spend hours a day on.

There are countless efforts floating around Capitol Hill aimed at safeguarding the nation’s children from the dangers of social media, but this new measure, known as the Protecting Kids on Social Media Act, takes aim at the algorithms Silicon Valley employs to keep kids on their sites. Specifically, it bars children under 13 from creating accounts on social media apps, while also greatly curtailing the algorithms tech companies could deploy on people between 13 and 17 years old. (Users under 13 would still be able to view online content, provided they aren’t logged into an account.) The bill would also require parental consent before anyone under 18 could create a profile.

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