Indian Government Starts ‘Fact Checking’ Social Media; Twitter Accused Of Caving In

Il governo indiano decide cosa non va pubblicato sui social. Solo la Verità ha spazio. E la decide il governo stesso che si auto controlla… Oste, il tuo vino è buono ?

E’ un po’ come se il ministero degli interni vigilasse se stesso… Oh, wait..

Comunque la notizia è che twitter obbedisce in tutto il mondo.

E poi che dire della risposta del CEO ? Un signore.

Source: Forbes

India is receiving backlash against its new social media law, which requires information about the government to be ‘fact checked’ by the government itself.

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) is tasked with fact-checking any “fake, false or misleading” posts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google and ordering the removal of any that doesn’t comply.Failure to remove content when ordered could see the companies losing the safe harbor protections that protect them from legal action over user-generated content.

Meanwhile, Twitter has come under fire for what’s being seen as an over-capitulation to the new rules by taking down a tweet globally, rather than locally, in an apparent first.

Right to information activist and journalist Saurav Das says he’s filed a Right To Information request with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology after two of his tweets were removed, with a label reading “Your Tweet has been withheld in Worldwide in response to a legal demand”.The tweets concerned minister of home affairs Amit Shah. “The tweets were innocuous. So why order Twitter to block them?” says Das.

We reached out to Twitter for comment, but received only the familiar poop emoji in reply.

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