Whistleblower Drops 100 Gigabytes Of Tesla Secrets To German News Site: Report

Irresponsabile usare clienti per un esperimento che può causare loro danni irreparabili.

Sostituite “auto” con “farmaco” e ditemi se lo considerereste accettabile.

Non è un caso se la reputazione di Tesla è in caduta libera (secondo link in questo post).

Source: Jalopnik

 The files contain over 1,000 accident reports involving phantom braking or unintended acceleration–mostly in the U.S. and Germany.

…The publication Handelsblatt got its hands on the data through an unnamed informant. Handelsblatt confirmed the data’s authenticity with Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, which found no evidence of doctoring or fabrication in the files. Tesla attempted to stop the publication from using this data in its reporting and even threatened legal action against Handelsblatt.

…It posted “My autopilot almost killed me”: Tesla files cast doubt on Elon Musk’s promises on Thursday. The story is both in German and behind a paywall, but the English translation is of excellent quality. Here’s a bit of the meat of it: The Tesla files contain more than 2,400 self-acceleration complaints and more than 1,500 braking function problems, including 139 cases of unintentional emergency braking and 383 reported phantom stops resulting from false collision warnings. The number of crashes is more than 1000. A table of incidents involving driver assistance systems where customers have expressed safety concerns has more than 3000 entries. The oldest complaints available to the Handelsblatt date from 2015, the most recent from March 2022. During this period, Tesla delivered around 2.6 million vehicles with the autopilot software. Most of the incidents took place in the US , but there are also complaints from Europe and Asia in the documents – including many from German Tesla drivers. The Handelsblatt contacted dozens of customers from several countries. All confirmed the information from the Tesla files. In discussions, they gave insights into their experiences with the autopilot. Some disclosed their communication with the US automaker, others showed Handelsblatt reporters videos of the accident.

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Tesla’s Reputation In The U.S. Absolutely Tanked In The Last Year

Source: Jalopnik

It wasn’t that long ago that the average person thought Tesla was an incredible automaker, and Elon Musk was basically Ironman. But things change, and people are starting to realize that Teslas can’t actually drive themselves and that Elon sucks. In fact, things are changing fast enough that a recent poll found that Tesla’s reputation absolutely tanked over the last year.

The poll in question is from Harris Poll in partnership with Axios and uses nine different categories to measure a company’s overall reputation, as well as how it changes year-over-year. And of the 100 companies included, this year, Tesla ranks 62nd, putting it right between State Farm Insurance and AT&T. Last year, Tesla was ranked 12th, meaning it dropped a full 50 spots in the space of a year.

That’s also a bigger drop than any other company on the list, including Chrysler, which dropped 22 spots to 67th place. That said, the poll is not all bad news for Tesla’s reputation. It’s still ranked much higher than BP, Spirit Airlines, Meta, Twitter, Fox and the Trump Organization. So at least there’s that. Unless, of course, you’re the CEO of Tesla and happen to also own Twitter (97th place in case you’re curious).

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