Lawsuit sheds light on racial bias in appraisals for Black and Latino homeowners (AKA bias in AI and bias in society)

in US, secondo uno studio del principale finanziatore immobiliare americano, i proprietari di casa di colore hanno una probabilità di ricevere una bassa stima della loro proprietà che è doppia rispetto ad altre etnie.

Questa storia e questo esperimento sociale lo mostra chiaramente.

Se questi dati sono usati per distillare un modello (e sicuramente è stato fatto), la disparità etnica viene cristallizzata.

Source: NPR

…So in 2016, when Paul and Tenisha saw a listing for a $550,000 house, they jumped on it.

A few years later they embarked on a series of major upgrades, according to court filings. They added about 1,000 square feet to the house, expanded the living room and added a deck with views of the San Francisco Bay. To help pay for the work, they decided to refinance their mortgage.

The lender hired Janette Miller to inspect the home and come up with a new valuation that would determine whether or not the Austin’s would qualify for a loan. Miller’s appraisal concluded that the market value of the home at the time was $995,000.

Less than a year earlier, when they had applied for a previous mortgage refinance, the house had appraised at $1,450,000.

The Austins were shocked. The new appraisal was far too low for their loan to be approved.

They told the lender that they didn’t agree with the appraisal because there were a lot of things in the appraisal that they felt were incorrect or inappropriate. And they also felt that the appraisal came in low because of their race,” Howard-Gibbon said.

The lender agreed to send a different appraiser.

This time the couple decided to “white wash” the house. They removed family photos and art work, books, hair products and anything else that might indicate that a Black family lived there. They also asked a white friend to be present at the house and greet the appraiser as if she were the homeowner and to display some of her family photos in the house. The Austins were not at home during the appraisal.

The new appraiser concluded the house was worth $1,482,500 – nearly half a million dollars higher than Miller’s estimated value.

A 2021 study by Freddie Mac found that Black and Latino homeowners are about twice as likely as whites to get low appraisals.

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