Apple scales back Vision Pro production plans on design challenges – FT | Reuters

Meta verso e l’altra meta, fuffa.

dell’ “iphone moment” ne riparliamo tra un po’.

Source: Reuters

July 3 (Reuters) – Apple (AAPL.O) has been forced to make major cuts to production forecasts for its Vision Pro augmented-reality headset due to design complexities, the Financial Times reported on Monday citing people with direct knowledge of the process.

…Chinese contract manufacturer Luxshare, Apple’s only assembler of the device, was preparing to make fewer than 400,000 units of Vision Pro in 2024, the newspaper said, citing two people close to Apple and Luxshare.

Apple had an earlier internal sales target of 1 million units of the headset in the first 12 months, as per the FT report. Apple and Luxshare did not respond to a Reuters request for comment.

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2 thoughts on “Apple scales back Vision Pro production plans on design challenges – FT | Reuters”

  1. Dear Quinta

    widespread AR headsets are of course a never explored path. Anyway I think that when a device interferes with our dynamics of perception it is reasonable to be cautious and avoid the hype.

    IMHO the perception of reality is a completely different thing than human/machine interaction: the latter happens outside our body, the first inside our mind.

    Do you remember the Nintendo WII. The human/machine interaction happened in our outer space, the sensors worked as a kind of prosthetic. At the beginning it seemed almost trivial and there was no hype, but at the end it was amazing.

    On the contrary, a couple of years ago, when Cameron released the original Avatar movie, it seemed that 3D TV was *for sure* the (well, one of the many) next big thing and Samsung hurried up to bring to the market its TV sets.
    Did the technology work well? Yes. Did the user experience work as well? Not really, probably because it has to do with our deep rooted dynamics of perception.

    It’s difficult to imagine something more interwoven than body and mind executing just a simple task of perception that worked for hundreds of thousands years. This is why it’s difficult to me to share the Apple Vision Pro hype.

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