San Francisco asks California regulators to halt robotaxi expansion

Settimana scorsa la commissione della California per le public utilities (che qualcuno ritiene essere catturata, visto che nel board ci sono persone vicine all’industria) ha dato il via libera per l’estensione del servizio sperimentale di robotaxi a San Francisco.

peccato che la città di San Francisco sia violentemente contraria, per tutti i problemi che generano (strade nuovamente bloccate in una situazione di emergenza già la sera dopo la stessa autorizzazione) per cui il procuratore legale della città ha già fatto una richiesta di sospensiva e minacciato il ricorso al tribunale.

San Francisco pare voler progressivamente assomigliare sempre più alla Hill Valley distopica di Ritorno al futuro 2.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco asked California regulators Wednesday to halt its approval of Cruise’s and Waymo’s unrestricted commercial expansion in the city, arguing the city “will suffer serious harm” as the companies extend driverless taxi service to daytime hours.

San Francisco’s motions detailed at least 58 incidents since April 2022 where Cruise and Waymo robotaxis interfered with emergency response efforts, including one instance in which a robotaxi blocked fire trucks from leaving a station for more than eight minutes.

An unplanned stop “is now significantly more likely to happen in the middle of a busy downtown arterial road at peak travel hours, snarling traffic for hours,” the motions read.

Local officials promised to fight the state regulators’ decision and laid out how they would relitigate the issue in a potential rehearing.

City officials also plan to argue that the commission neglected to consider driverless taxis’ “demonstrated public safety impacts”

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