PwC tipped off Google on timing of Australian tax law

Sono stati bravissimi i nel damage control. Chi se ne e’ accorto ?

Source: Financial Times

A PwC partner who acted as an adviser to the Australian government passed information about upcoming laws to colleagues, who used it to tout for business on the US West Coast, according to internal emails unearthed in an investigation by Australian lawmakers.

A Google employee received an email from a PwC partner in August 2015 that said Canberra would be pressing ahead with a tax clampdown on multinationals the following year, despite pressure to delay the new legislation.

PwC last month disclosed details of the email to lawmakers, with the name of the company redacted. The firm said the company was unaware the information was confidential.

…“While it is disappointing to learn that PwC had inappropriately shared information, it had no bearing on our compliance with the Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law,” Google said, referring to the 2015 legislation.

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