Some initial thoughts in the aftermaths of Hamas aggression to Israel

A tragedy. My thoughts and prayers to all the victims, especially to the civilian ones, and horror for the acts on children and women

First initial thoughts: one state cannot base their intelligence on the digital dimension. It can be a supplement, but not the core. The core should remain traditional intelligence with infiltrators, information acquisition, field observation etc. Corollary: we should be careful on giving up fundamental rights in the digital domain in view of an expected return of more safety. Law abiding citizens see their right diminshed while terrorist route around controls.

Second initial thought: social media are rotten. To prevent them from being used to destabilize society we should treat information viruses like viruses: reduce their speed and breadth of spread until the antibodies (the courts) have time to decide and deactivate the virus. Traditional analog courts do not have procedures and rules that are compatible with digital speed: new courts with rules and procedures designed to ensure speed of action, and equally speedy procedures for speedy redress of appeals, should be specially established.

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