Google Deepmind’s new Gemini model looks amazing—but could signal peak AI hype

E’ impressionante, non tanto come evoluzione quanto come integrazione.

Ah, poi qualcuno dice che i prompt non sono proprio quelli del video.

Source: MIT Technology Review

It’s a big step for Google, but not necessarily a giant leap for the field as a whole. Google DeepMind claims that Gemini outmatches GPT-4 on 30 out of 32 standard measures of performance. And yet the margins between them are thin. What Google DeepMind has done is pull AI’s best current capabilities into one powerful package. To judge from demos, it does many things very well—but few things that we haven’t seen before.

For all the buzz about the next big thing, Gemini could be a sign that we’ve reached peak AI hype.

The version launched today is a back end to Bard, Google’s text-based search chatbot, which the company says will give it more advanced reasoning, planning, and understanding capabilities.

While Google boasted that Gemini outperforms OpenAI’s previous model, GPT 3.5, company executives dodged questions about how far the model exceeds GPT-4.

Gemini’s performance against benchmark data sets is very impressive, says Melanie Mitchell, an artificial-intelligence researcher at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico.“It’s clear that Gemini is a very sophisticated AI system,” says Mitchell. But “it’s not obvious to me that Gemini is actually substantially more capable than GPT-4,” she adds.

While the model has good benchmark scores, it is hard to know how to interpret these numbers given that we don’t know what’s in the training data, says Percy Liang, director of Stanford’s Center for Research on Foundation Models.

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