Still imitating, after all these years.

… and in the meanwhile, NHTSA forces an update (recall) of all Teslas sold in the U.S. because the “Autopilot” system with the “Full Self Driving” technology is not “Auto” or even “Full,” the manufacturer misled customers, wrote in the fine print that the driver should be careful t all times, but did not enable corresponding controls, and it is not true that the cars go to the office on their own as they show in the promotional videos.

yet elmo has been confidently repeating year after year since 2014 that, not now, but in a few months, a year at most, cars will drive themselves and there will be robotaxis….

while robotaxi company cruise loses a billion a year for a remote assisted driving service (because that’s what it was in essence) that had 1.5 employees per car… (“artificial artificial intelligence” as we once called them…).

and all this because of ?
because the car, which imitates the humans well on the highway (oh my, except when a truck gets in the way) doesn’t know that, in order to get out of the way of a crash in the city, it’s not elegant to drive over the pedestrian you just hit…

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