The EU should support Ireland’s bold move to regulate Big Tech

Mossa molto bold, ma con effetti positivi.

Resterebbe da capire quanto ci metterebbero gli utenti a riattivarli, in certi ambiti.

OK per le properties di Meta, ma Tiktok non ha ragione di esistere senza sistema di raccomandazione. Gli utenti lo riattiverebbero subito.

Io continuo a pensare che si dovrebbe regolamentare in modo incrementale (con una “regulatory ladder”) la scala e la velocita’…

Source: The Hill

Ireland, long ridiculed for bowing to Big Tech, has now come out with a powerful proposal to address the problems of algorithmic amplification. Ireland set up Coimisiún na Meán, a new enforcer, this year to set rules for digital platforms.

It has proposed a simple, easily enforceable rule that could change the game: All recommender systems based on intimately profiling people should be turned off by default.

In practice, that means that the big platforms cannot automatically run algorithms that use information about a person’s political views, sex life, health or ethnicity. A person will be able to switch an algorithm on, but those toxic algorithms will no longer be on by default. Users will still have access to algorithmic amplification, but they will have to opt in to get it.

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