San Francisco Could Kick Robotaxis Out With New Law

Quando nel Gruppo di esperti di alto livello sull’IA della Commissione UE abbiamo affrontato il tema del nostro mandato abbiamo cambiato il termine da “Trusted AI” a “Trustworthy AI”. L’idea e’ che se le cose non sono meritorie di fiducia da parte delle persone, il mercato ne soffre. Le garanzie per gli utenti non sono orpelli fastidiosi ed inutili vincoli, ma fondamentali per un mercato sostenibile.

A SFO molte persone (magari una minoranza, ma molte) non hanno fiducia nelle auto e i politici immaginano di vietarle.

Source: The San Francisco Standard

As robotaxi companies Waymo and Cruise expanded their services across San Francisco last year, one of the repeated complaints from local officials was about their lack of authority over driverless vehicles traveling on city streets.

Instead, state bodies like the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Public Utilities Commission regulated the novel technologies, leaving cities and counties largely powerless even as robotaxis entered active crime and emergency scenes and, in one incident, dragged a San Francisco woman underneath.

A new Teamsters-backed bill introduced by state Sen. David Cortese, who represents San Jose, would allow local authorities to put the breaks on and block robotaxi services from operating unless authorized by individual cities and counties. The bill would require that local governments have an ordinance in place to regulate robotaxi companies before commercial autonomous vehicle services are allowed.

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