Apple ramped up its autonomous car project last year. Now, it’s killing it.

Però non credo a un futuro in cui le auto saranno del tutto autonome.

“Costruire il domani”, Stefano Quintarelli, 1/2016


(ah, per tutti gli entusiasti che salgono su una waymo a san francisco: il fatto che non si veda l’autista non vuol dire che non ci sia, solo che e’ in time sharing, remoto. quindi non “robotaxi” ma “taxidrones“).

Source: the Wall Street Journal

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple is winding down its effort to create an electric car with autonomous capabilities, a significant shift for the company that has poured resources into the highly secretive project for nearly a decade.

Just two weeks ago, the company was testing one of its 67 vehicles outfitted with autonomous capabilities on a Sunnyvale, Calif., highway, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. But on Tuesday, Apple executives told employees that it scrapped the project and is now shifting members of the group to focus on generative artificial intelligence efforts, according to Bloomberg News.

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eppure a novembre 2021

Source: Appleinsider

Apple is preparing to accelerate development of its electric self-driving “Apple Car” with a new focus on a vehicle that’s fully autonomous and a potential launch date in 2025.

Reportedly, Apple has explored two potential options for its self-driving car: a model with limited autonomous abilities like current production vehicles or a version that can fully drive itself without human intervention. According to Bloomberg, the company has settled on the latter.

Under new Project Titan leader Kevin Lynch, who spearheaded Apple Watch software development, Apple is pushing for a vehicle with full self-driving capabilities in the first version, sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

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