Google Prepares for a Future Where Search Isn’t King (ndr. Long live “boring AI”)

Bene che adesso lo dica anche Pichai

Il problema della tecnologia è che chi la usa riponga in essa fiducia salvifica, senza capirne i limiti. Piu’ o meno come avvenne con la frenologia.

E si’, la stessa tecnologia che consente di adattare le risposte a situazioni diverse è la causa degli artefatti (pardon, “allucinazioni”) . Sono due facce della stessa medaglia.

Se riduci gli artefatti, il sistema diventa meno sexy, piu’ noioso.

Ma piu’ usabile negli use case concreti aziendali.

W l’AI noiosa!

Source: Wired

 Pichai acknowledges that Google Gemini, even the advanced version, still risks hallucinating the way Bard did or as other generative AI apps have. “We want people to be aware of that,” Pichai says. “I think the technology is useful for many people. But it has to be used in the right way and I still have concerns about people relying on it.

Pichai says, of course, that Google is trying to reduce the models-gone-wild phenomenon. But he also cautions that the word “hallucinate” should be used carefully, and suggests hallucinating was a feature as well as a bug, which is a fascinating rebranding of misinformation. He believes the technology should be grounded in factualness, but if you dial it down too much, your chatbot gets real boring real fast.

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