Large language models and generative AI – Communications and Digital Committee

Pubblicato il rapporto dalla commissione comunicaizoni e digitale del parlamento Uk (si, ne hanno una… mica la Commissione Trasporti come da noi che, residualmente, si occupa di digitale)

Commento: bravi.

Source: House of Lords

Concentrated market power and regulatory capture by vested interests also require urgent attention. The risk is real and growing. It is imperative for the Government and regulators to guard against these outcomes by prioritising open competition and transparency.

We have even deeper concerns about the Government’s commitment to fair play around copyright. Some tech firms are using copyrighted material without permission, reaping vast financial rewards. The legalities of this are complex but the principles remain clear. The point of copyright is to reward creators for their efforts, prevent others from using works without permission, and incentivise innovation. The current legal framework is failing to ensure these outcomes occur and the Government has a duty to act. It cannot sit on its hands for the next decade and hope the courts will provide an answer.

Review catastrophic risks: Catastrophic risks (above 1000 UK deaths and tens of billions in financial damages) are not likely within three years but cannot be ruled out, especially as next-generation capabilities come online. There are however no agreed warning indicators for catastrophic risk. There is no cause for panic, but this intelligence blind spot requires immediate attention. Mandatory safety tests for high-risk high-impact models are also needed: relying on voluntary commitments from a few firms would be naïve and leaves the Government unable to respond to the sudden emergence of dangerous capabilities. Wider concerns about existential risk (posing a global threat to human life) are exaggerated and must not distract policymakers from more immediate priorities.

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