LoRA Land: Fine-Tuned Open-Source LLMs that Outperform GPT-4

Molto interessante. Fine tuning di modelli open source a 8 dollari. Una differenza di prezzo significativa, per aziende che decidono di utilizzarli. Si muove tutto. e’ ancora presto per sapere chi vince. (e anche quanto e’ grande il mercato, e quanto  sara’ concentrato)

Source: Predibase

We’re excited to release LoRA Land, a collection of 25 fine-tuned Mistral-7b models that consistently outperform base models by 70% and GPT-4 by 4-15%, depending on the task. LoRA Land’s 25 task-specialized large language models (LLMs) were all fine-tuned with Predibase for less than $8.00 each on average and are all served from a single A100 GPU using LoRAX, our open source framework that allows users to serve hundreds of adapter-based fine-tuned models on a single GPU. This collection of specialized fine-tuned models–all trained with the same base model–offers a blueprint for teams seeking to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy highly performant AI systems.

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