OpenAI on track to hit $2bn revenue milestone as growth rockets

se non ho sbagliato i conti, dovrebbe avere circa un 8-9% conversion rate, che è altissimo, cionondimeno è fortemente cash negative.

alla fine chi si lecca le dita sono nvidia e microsoft. è ancora presto per dire dove andrà il valore nella value chain. forse nell’hardware dei PC e in questo caso Apple potrebbe avere un angolo interessante…

Source: Financial Times

Altman has said OpenAI remains lossmaking because of the vast costs of building and running its models. The spending is expected to continue to outpace revenue growth as it develops more sophisticated models. The company is likely to need to raise tens of billions more in order to meet those costs. “Training expenses are just huge, but that’s intentional,” Altman told the Financial Times in November.

So far, its biggest backer Microsoft has committed up to $13bn to OpenAI, as the companies forged an alliance that has put them at the forefront of the AI frenzy.

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